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Virtual bank


1. Virtual bank is a safe and convenient service we offer to our customers. We promise our customers that the money which they put into their virtual bank is safe and valid. The virtual bank is useful in the following conditions.

a. the customer think it is very inconvenient to pay every time, and they have many orders, then you can choose virtual bank

b. sometimes the changes are difficult to return to the customer, you can save it in your virtual bank for next purchase.

c. we will return you 5% of your order money amount, we will put the return money to you virtual bank for your next purchase.

2. The virtual bank has special saving function:

a. The virtual money we give you will be saved in it.

b. Your changes of previous order will be saved in it.

c. Your saving money will be in it.

You could check your balance in your virtual bank any time. You could remit your money to your virtual bank through online payment. The money you could use directly in your future purchase. Please note that you should indicate the money is use for saving to virtual bank, and write your member account (your email address) in the obiter dictum place.
3. Use

a. if you want a virtual bank, please first register as a member of us, it is free to register

b. you can check virtual bank amount but you can not minus it.    
c. if your order fee is more than the money in your virtual bank, our workers will minus the order fee

d. if your order fee is higher than the amount in your virtual bank, you should pay the extra order fee.

Notice: there is no interest in your virtual bank. You could enjoy discount given to you after each purchase. It is more valuable than deposit in your bank.