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Dear customers

Thank you very much for you support and care to us. After 6 years efforts, ourchinaflower has established good credibility. Now we have more than 6000 chain-local-Chinese-florist shops in mainland, sending products in 3-6 hours. Professional services, cheap prices. And we have established our own flower shop entities in Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

In our developing process, customers’ help and support helped us get through many difficulties. Ourchinaflower started business in online selling field. We take every customer’ order seriously and take effort to satisfy every customer.  And we have zero complaint from our customer. We have a lot of experience in selling process, but we still need your support and suggestions.

In order to thank for customers’ support, we are pleased to accept your suggestions and good selling channels or cooperate with you.

If you have any suggestion, please notify us through the following email address. We will add 2-200 US dollars to your member account according to your suggestion. When you order next time you can use this money directly. The extra money you could use next time.