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Cake Delivery

1. The orders are delivered by our distributors or chain branches set up in every city. In general, we default you accept the flower can be received by others if the recipient can not receive it, except you require the recipient must be herself or himself in the “special require blank”                                                                                                                                                             
2. We are not responsible for the order delay or delivery unsuccessfully under such conditions:                                                      

 1).when our worker delivered the order to the required place and time, he recipient or the collection people is not appear, and we contact them, they are still can not be contact. If the recipient is not here for a few days, and the order must be the recipient himself or herself to receive. Or the recipient’ phone number is not correct, under such condition; we have the rights to stop the delivery until relative sender require to deliver again.    
2). If the recipient refuses to accept the order not because of our worker’ reason, we will ask the recipient write rejection in the sign blank. We will stop the delivery and notify the sender. We will not return this order fee for this kind of delivery. For the cost of repeat cake sending, we are not responsible for it.                                                                    

3). If the delivery is failed because of other reasons, such as nature disaster, or traffic problem, we are nor responsible for this.                                                             

 3 Please check the cake when the recipient receives them. The recipient has the right to refuse to accept the flowers and ask replacement if there are quality problem. The recipient should write the reason of rejection on the sign form.